Government Inspector rejects village day nursery scheme

Friday, 10 November, 2017
Autumn House

Hopes of setting up a day nursery in the centre of a village have been dashed by a Government Inspector.

Plans were put in to Tendring District Council (TDC) to convert Autumn House in Clacton Road, Elmstead Market.

The building had once been partly used as a shop, but more recently had an unauthorised use as bedsits which was stopped.

TDC considered the application for a day nursery but turned it down last year on the grounds of highway safety and the effect it would have on neighbouring properties.

The applicant appealed the decision in an effort to get it overturned but was unsuccessful.

Inspector Tom Gilbert-Wooldridge dismissed the appeal following a site visit to the property, which is on the A133, in October.

He was concerned about the amount of traffic that would be generated by the business and the lack of off-street parking which would not provide enough spaces for parents to drop off or pick up children.

“The proposed development is likely to encourage additional parking on the pavement around the appeal site and more awkward manoeuvres to and from the road at busier times of the day,” said Mr Gilbert-Wooldridge.

“This would have negative implications in terms of vehicle congestion and obstruction and would result in harm to highway safety.”

However, he felt that main issue would be the increased noise levels that would be created partly by children playing in the garden at the rear of the property.

“The development would have a harmful effect on the living conditions of occupiers of neighbouring properties with regard to noise and disturbance,” he added.

The proposal was for up to 25 children and five full-time staff operating from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

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