Daredevil chairmans charity drive reaches new heights

Thursday, 22 October, 2020
Councillor Dan Land Parachuting

A 13,000 foot freefall over the Suffolk countryside has helped raise over £1400 for Community Voluntary Services Tendring (CVST).


A skydive was the latest fundraising effort Tendring District Council’s Chairman Dan Land has organised during his second year in office.


Councillor Land said he is very thankful for the people of Tendring in to donating to his charity:


“The adrenalin of taking the plunge, travelling at a near 120mph and spinning around in mid-air is unlike anything I have experienced, knowing it was for a good cause made it even better, it was so exhilarating I went straight back to do it again 24 hours later!”


“CVST is a very important service in our area, always willing offer help and support to those who need it, I am very proud to have been able to raise some money to help with their efforts.” Dan added.


Donations to the Chairman’s charity are still open and can be made at GoFundMe- https://rb.gy/wcxbvg

CVST is run by the local community to support, promote and develop voluntary and community action. They hold network breakfasts, coffee drop-ins to help build community cohesion and also offer signposting to information and advice.

Last updated on: 22/10/2020 - 14:14