Cyber security training rolled out for staff and members

Tuesday, 5 June, 2018
The cyber security videos identify potential groups who may target the council

A series of cyber security awareness sessions and follow up training videos have been rolled out for staff and councillors at Tendring District Council (TDC).

The 12 videos, each around five minutes long, teach the basics of cyber security – from having a tough password and how to spot a scam email, to ensuring staff use a secure connection.

They emphasise that as much as the authority can have the latest in firewalls and other cyber security, the last line of defence are those who access the system.

TDC bought the licence to the videos, which are mandatory for council staff to watch, as part of its ongoing effort to ensure its systems are safe.

While all staff sign up to the council’s IT policies, which include security, the videos are a way to refresh and remind everyone of the key basics of cyber security.

Carlo Guglielmi, TDC Cabinet Member for Finance and Corporate Resources, said it was important everyone was up to speed with cyber security.

“We know that cyber crime is growing and that councils are potential targets, whether it’s from criminals trying to steal data or state-sponsored terrorists trying to find a way in to governmental systems,” he said.

“It’s so important that we invest not only in defensive systems, but also in our staff who use our IT systems as they have just as an important role to play.

“I am therefore glad we have introduced these videos to help both officers and councillors top-up their training for and understanding of cyber security. Although not a mandatory requirement for councillors, I would strongly recommend my colleagues spare the time to watch them.”

Last updated on: 05/06/2018 - 15:30