Changes to plans for major development refused by Committee

Wednesday, 9 August, 2017

Significant changes to plans for a major development in Mistley have been refused.

Tendring District Council’s Planning Committee last night rejected the alterations to the scheme for up to 300 homes and employment land on a site to the south of Long Road and west of Clacton Road.

The proposal already has outline planning consent but Tendring Farms Ltd wanted to make changes to the layout.

The number of homes was to the stay the same but the area for employment was moved and the access point in Clacton Road was moved further north.

There was also a reduction in open space from what had previously been agreed.

Tendring Farms also wanted permission for a potential of two and half storey homes across the 23 hectare development.

Cath Bicknell, TDC’s Head of Planning, said: “The alterations will lead to a different impact on the area and Mistley Parish Council has objected as it is concerned about the change of access.”

The Parish Council felt the more northerly access on Clacton Road would lead to traffic congestion.

There was also general concern that the alterations would lead to a closing up of the green gap between Mistley and Lawford.

The committee unanimously refused the latest application due to the impact it would have on the rural setting due to the inadequate landscaping.

A further reason was the potential for two and a half storey properties 13 metres high anywhere on the site.

Last updated on: 09/08/2017 - 14:00