Airshow is a two day spectacular in the sunshine

Tuesday, 29 August, 2017

Clacton’s 26th annual Airshow was a two-day spectacular in the sunshine!

An estimated 250,000 people – equalling last year’s record breaking attendance - flocked to the coast to see an amazing display in the skies and enjoyed a host of other attractions on the ground.

On Friday car parks started to fill quickly and by lunchtime there wasn’t a space left to be found.

The beach was awash with spectators and the sun beat down for the second day in a row with blue skies providing the perfect backdrop for the flying programme.

Mick Skeels, Tendring District Council’s (TDC) Cabinet Member for Leisure and Tourism, was delighted.

"I said before the event that it would be the biggest and best yet and I was proved right," he said.

"The whole seafront was packed; there was hardly an inch of space on the beach. Everybody was having a great time.

"Hopefully visitors will remember what a good day or two they had in Clacton and will want to come back to Tendring in the future.

"Also it is an amazing event on the doorstep for our residents and I am sure they had a fantastic day in their own District - and one to remember.

"It was so pleasing to see so many people of all ages with smiles on their faces and there was a brilliant friendly atmosphere over the two days.

"A special thanks to Essex Police for ensuring the event went off without incident and everybody felt safe and secure, and huge praise the to team behind the airshow for their incredible hard work. These events do not just happen."

After finishing Thursday’s line-up the RAF Red Arrows opened day two and took the breath away – even if some had only seen them perform less than 24 hours earlier.

The Autogyro, Spitfire, RAF Tutor, Fireflies, Catalina, Team Raven and Hurribomer kept the action flowing and were followed by the Strikemaster, Xtreme, MiG-15, Vampire Blue and the Tigers Parachute Team provided the perfect end to two days.

Mike Carran, TDC’s Event Director, said the airshow brings around £5million into the local economy – over and above what would normally be taken over the Bank Holiday weekend.

"That is a massive boost for businesses and traders but equally importantly the event showcases Tendring to the wider world," he added.

"Many other airshows have been forced to call it a day but with the support of the community Clacton goes from strength to strength."

Last updated on: 29/08/2017 - 09:06