Council Meeting Recording - 5 July 2016

Welcome and Prayers

Apologies for Absence


Declarations of Interest

Announcements by the Chairman

Announcements by the Chief Executive

  There were none.

Statements by the Leader of the Council

  Part 1 - Speaker:  Councillor Stock

  Part 2 - Speakers Included:  Councillors Calver, Broderick, Parsons, Bray, Talbot, and G V Guglielmi

  Part 3 - Speaker:  Councillor Stock

Statements by Members of the Cabinet

  There were none.

Petitions to Council

  There were none.

Questions Pursuant to Council Procedure Rule 9

  There were none.

Questions Pursuant to Council Procedure Rule 10.2

  Question 1:   Councillor M Brown to the Leader of the Council, Councillor Stock

  Question 2:   Councillor Newton to the Leader of the Council, Councillor Stock

  Question 3:   Councillor J Henderson to the Planning and Regeneration Portfolio Holder, Councillor Watling

Report of the Leader of the Council

  The was no report on this occasion.

Minutes of Committees

 Motion to Council - Proposed Change to the Council's Procedure Rules in respect of the Budget and Council Tax Setting Meeting of the Council

  Speakers included:  Councillors Steady and Platt

Motion to Council - Disposal of Council Offices, Thorpe Road, Weeley

  Part 1 - Speakers Included:  Councillors Stock, Broderick. Parsons and Heaney

  Part 2 - Speakers Included:  Councillors Talbot, Watling, Calver, Bray, G V Guglielmi and Stock

Recommendations from the Cabinet - Performance Report 2016/17 including the Corporate Plan 2016 to 2020 and Priorities and Projects 2016

  Speakers Included: Councillors Hughes, Stock, G V Guglielmi and Howard

(A.1 Membership of Committees;

  A.2 Change of Name of a Political Group on Tendring District Council; and

  A.3 Review of Allocation of Seats to Political Groups)

  Speakers Included:  The Chief Executive (Ian Davidson), Councillors Calver, Stock and Councillor G V Guglielmi

A.4 Tendring District Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation

  Part 1 - Speakers Included:   Councillors Stock, Turner and Scott

  Part 2 - Speakers Included:  Councillors Winfield, Parsons, Stephenson and Calver

  Part 3 - Speakers Included:  Councillors Bray, V E Guglielmi, Howard and G V Guglielmi

  Part 4 - Speakers Included:  Councillors Coley, Broderick, M Brown and Stock

Urgent Matters for Debate

  There were none.

Date of Next Scheduled Meeting of the Council

Tuesday 6 September 2016 at 7.30 p.m. - Princes Theatre, Town Hall, Clacton-on-Sea, CO15 1SE



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