Winter Weather

Rubbish and Recycling

Due to unsafe weather conditions, there were no waste and recycling collections on Monday 8th February 2021.  Partial service resumed on Tuesday 9th February 2021. Households are asked to take back in any uncollected waste, and present it on their next scheduled collection day for the relevant recycling week.

If your property was a Green box and Black Bin/Sack collection, week commencing 8 February:

Food waste, plastic and tin recycling, and black bins – should be put out on the next scheduled collection day week beginning 22 February.

Recognising additional black bin waste will be created, residents can put out up to three extra bags of side waste for collection.

If your property was a Red box collection, week commencing 8 February:

Food waste and paper/cardboard recycling – should be put out on the next scheduled collection day week beginning 22 February.

No additional side waste will be allowed for black bins as these collections were unaffected.

Public Toilet Closures

Any closures will be reported here.

Roads and Transport

Essex County Council's Winter Service page provides information on road and pavement gritting and the latest travel news.

For latest bus information and disruption visit the  "Headingham" website or "First" website 

School Closures

BBC Essex and Dream 100 report local school closures as they become notified by schools, nurseries and colleges.

Car Parks

In icy weather any top floor levels of car parks will remain closed.

Advice for pet owners

Animal owners are reminded of RSPCA advice to ensure their pets’ paws are washed clear of any salt or grit that has been laid onto the highways, as it can cause medical problems if licked or ingested by animals.

Get Ready for Winter

Get Ready for Winter is a National Campaign headed by H M Government and the Met Office and supported by partners across the UK in providing useful tips and advice on preparing for and getting through the winter.  For more information visit Get Ready for Winter

Severe Weather Leaflet

Our Emergency Planning Unit has joined forces with the Met Office to produce a series of six leaflets.

They cover a whole range of conditions including heavy rain, thunderstorms and lightning, dense fog, severe gales and heavy snow and icy roads.  View the leaflets on different weather conditions here.

Anyone contacting the Council on 01255 686868, or by emailing can be sent a leaflet in the post or by writing to Emergency Planning, Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton, Essex CO15 1SE and mark the envelope, Weather Leaflets.

See also Water Pipes in Winter page for advice on how to protect your water pipes from freezing.

Be a Great Neighbour!

Along with looking after yourself and your family, if possible, try to check on your neighbours who may not be as mobile as you.

Local Weather and Forecast

Local weather and forecasts can be seen on the BBC weather website.  The link will show you the weather for CO16 postcodes.  You can enter your own postcode to see if there is a more local forecast for you.

Met Office weather warnings.

Ensure you keep updated when travelling around by downloading the Met Office Weather App for Android and iPhone from your respective App Store.  Just search for “Met Office Weather App”.

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