About Emergency Planning

Reporting an emergency or incident

If you are reporting and emergency, incident or potential incident please call
Tendring District Council 01255 222022 (available 24/7 every day)

Emergency Planning Routine Enquires (office hours)
For ROUTINE enquires regarding Emergency Planning
Please call 01255 686971 or email eplanning@tendringdc.gov.uk

For further information please contact:
Emergency Planning
Town Hall
Station Road
CO15 1SE

An Emergency is defined as an event or situation which threatens serious damage to:  
  1. Human welfare in a place in the United Kingdom,
  2. The environment of a place in the United Kingdom or,
  3. War (or terrorism) which threatens serious damage to the security of the United Kingdom.”

Some events that are considered to be Emergencies include:

Tendring District Council’s Emergency Planning Unit, along with other category 1 and 2 responders, aims to prepare for and respond to these and other types of emergencies to limit their harmful consequences.

We do this in a variety of ways which include:

Day to Day

  • Risk Assessment
  • Creating and Maintaining Emergency Plans
  • Providing advice
  • Warning and Informing
  • Test and exercise plans
  • Ensure Tendring District Council complies with and meets the standards of the 2004 Civil Contingencies Act 2) Emergency Response
  • Promotion of Community Resilience

Emergency Response

  • Open and staff rest and reception centres
  • Co-ordinate efforts of voluntary organisations
  • Provide an information service for the public and media
  • Give mutual assistance to adjoining district and borough councils where possible
  • Respond to emergency service requests for assistance
  • Assist Council Services in maintaining its critical functions

You can view the Community Risk Register (CRR) which gives a summary of our capabilities, obligations and controls in place for a variety of hazards and threats.

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