Current casual vacancies and by elections

Current casual vacancies on Tendring District Council

Election of a Councillor for Essex County Council (Clacton East Division) - Thursday 3 October 2019

Declaration of Results - Clacton East Division by election

St Osyth ward by election - Thursday 23 May 2019

Declaration of Results - St Osyth Ward

Great Oakley parish by election - Thursday 23 May 2019

Notice of Uncontested Election

St Pauls ward by election - Thursday 15 February 2018

Local Government Election (District and County Council) candidate documents:

Register Request Form

Absent Voters List request form

Withdrawal Form

Overview for Candidates at a Local Government Election

Part 1 - Can you stand for Election?

Part 2a- Standing as an Independent Candidate

Part 2b- Standing as a Party Candidate

Part 3- Spending and donations

Part 4- The Campaign

Part 5- Your right to attend key electoral events

Part 6- After the declaration of results

Local Government Election Candidate Spending Return

Parish Election candidates documents:

Overview document for candidates

Part 1 - Can you stand for election?

Part 2a - Standing as an independent candidate

Part 2b - Standing as a party candidate

Part 3 - Candidate spending

Part 4 - The campaign

Part 5 - Your right to attend key electoral events

Part 6 - After the declaration of results

Parish Councillor candidate withdrawal form

Candidates' absent voters list request form

Candidates' electoral register request form

Counting agent appointment form

Polling agent appointment form

Postal voting agent appointment form

Return of Election Expenses

Frequently Asked Questions about being a Councillor

Results of previous elections:

Results of previous elections

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