Apply to Vote by post or proxy

Postal Voting

If you would like to apply to vote by post, you can do so in any of the following ways:

If you want to vote by post you must give the full address to which your ballot paper should be sent. This can either be your current registered address or an alternative address if you are going to be away during the election period. Whilst this address can be anywhere worldwide, please be aware that the tight timescale under which elections are run does not always leave enough time for postal ballot papers to be delivered, completed and returned if the delivery address is outside of the EU.

Please ensure that you have completed the date of birth field and that the form is signed and dated before returning the address below.

Proxy Voting

Voting by proxy is a convenient way of voting if you are unable to get to the polling station.  'By proxy' just means that you appoint someone you trust to vote on your behalf.

If you apply to vote by proxy and your application is accepted, the person you want to vote on your behalf (your proxy) will receive a 'proxy paper' which allows them to vote for you at your polling station on election day.

If you want to appoint a proxy to vote for you, they must be:

  • willing to vote on your behalf
  • a British citizen or citizen of the Commonwealth or Republic of Ireland; or for local government, a citizen of the European Union
  • old enough to vote and legally allowed to vote
  • registered to vote

A proxy may not vote at the same election for more than two people unless they are a close relative (husband, wife, parent, grandparent, brother, sister or grandchild) of the people they are voting for. Your proxy does not necessarily have to sign the form. As long as you have consulted them and they have confirmed that they can and will be your proxy, only you need to sign the form.

In all cases please ensure you have completed the date of birth field and the form is signed and dated before it is returned to Electoral Services.

Last updated on: 19/07/2022 - 13:28