Martello Tower E repairs

Work is being carried out to repair Martello Tower E in Clacton.

Historic England has awarded a grant of £118,000 towards the repair of the Grade-II listed and scheduled monument, with Tendring District Council providing the rest of the funding.

Urgent repairs to make the building safe include removing the damaged exterior render and installing temporary support to the internal floor. The Gun Platform floor will be repaired and drainage installed. The current phase of work also includes the removal of debris from inside the building, which will be carried out under careful archaeological monitoring.

TDC understands the importance of this project and that it has gained much traction over the years.  Therefore, we are pleased to provide you with updates on the progress of the works.  These can be seen in the vlogs below, or when walking past the Martello Tower itself.

Vlog 2 (11 September)

Vlog 1 (20-25th July)

The first week of works has gone extremely well – not to mention the influx of local support and encouragement for the urgent repairs. This week has consisted of securing fencing around the Martello Tower and setting up the site, removing the loose render, digging a one metre trench around the tower and conducting trial hole investigations. 

Last updated on: 11/07/2022 - 15:49