How can I make a suggestion or complaint about Council land?

If you have a problem at any of our staffed buildings like swimming pools or offices please contact the facility manager, reception or any member of staff straight away. Or visit our contact us page for other ways of letting us know.

Alternatively if you need to talk someone on the telephone please use one of the following numbers depending on the type of land:

All numbers begin with 01255 68 followed by:

Housing and Garages 6488
Offices and depots: 6323
Gardens and open spaces: 6646
Beaches and Seafronts: 6638
Leisure Buildings: 6689
Public Conveniences: 6772
Car Parks: 6990
Business and starter units: 6357

Our out of hours telephone number is
01255 222022
Please use this only in emergency

Last updated on: 16/05/2017 - 09:31