Former Isolation Hospital Site, Main Road, Dovercourt

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Return of Submission

  • Deadline for receipt of your submission is 12pm on Friday 18 January 2019  and must be sent to our locked email address Submissions will only be accepted by this method and before the deadline. 
  • As the above email address will remain locked until after the above deadline please direct any clarification questions or queries to before the deadline for questions of 12pm on Friday 4 January 2019.  After the deadline questions will be collated and responses will be published on our website alongside the original advertisement for the opportunity (link provided in original invitation to bid e-mail)
  • Additional copies MUST NOT be submitted in hard copy to any other recipient or member of the Council, or email copied or forwarded to additional email recipients.  This is likely to disqualify your submission and could nullify the tender exercise.
  • Please respond to the “read receipt” request on this email so that we know that you have received our request. 
  • Your intended use of the site will be taken into consideration when evaluating offers as well as the financial consideration so please include as much information as possible.
  • There is a receipt limit of 20 megabytes per email on the Council email system.   We do not accept files from download sites.   For large files you may like to send zip files up to the 20 megabytes per email.  (We have a large file rejection automated notice set up.)
  • We also have an automated delivery receipt on our secure email accounts.  If you do not receive this response from the Property Services Team it is likely that your submission has failed to reach our Server so please resend and failing that, before the deadline, contact
  • You are advised to allow enough time before the deadline for any delays or errors reaching our server or rejection for oversize etc.
  • The onus is on you, the responder, to ensure that emails are received by us before the deadline. 
  • The Council does not bind itself to accept the highest or any offer made.

Title documents

Official Copy (Conveyance) 11.09.1972 - EX817500

Official Copy (Conveyance) 15.03.1974 - EX817500

Official Copy (Deed) 21.09.2016 - EX817500

Official Copy (Register) - EX817500

Official Copy (Title Plan)  - EX817500


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