Automated External Defibrillator(s) (AED) on Tendring District Council owned Property

The Authority supports the provision of AED’s at its sites as a general principle.  We also want to make sure that AEDs are installed where need is identified, that emergency services are aware of their provision and that they are kept up to date and maintained properly.  To this end we have created a pre installation checklist for Applicants which needs to be completed and submitted to the Authority prior to agreement for the installation of an AED.

Guidance suggests that the decision to install an AED should be made in partnership with the local ambulance service who can advise regarding their purchase, installation and other information the Authority and the Applicant may need to be aware of.   Therefore it is required that sufficiently detailed and positive conversations with the local ambulance service are carried out by the Applicant.

These terms set out the Authority’s standard conditions for the installation of any AED.  They are applicable both to the use of property occupied by the Authority itself and to the Authority’s consent as landlord for our tenants to facilitate provision.

These terms are not consent of themselves and Applicants, whether current tenants of the Authority or not, should approach the Authority in writing for consent having undertaken the steps listed in the checklist.

Last updated on: 16/08/2019 - 10:46