ICT and E-government

E-Government = Transformational Government

E-Government or electronic government is all about using information and communication technology (or ICT) to help improve services; provide them more efficiently and help people to find out about and use services whenever they need to.  We realise that technology alone does not change things, but we cannot transform to meet modern citizens’ expectations without it.

Our ICT Strategy 2011-2016 (on the right hand side) sets out a five year plan for ICT at the Council, including how we want ICT to help improve the Council’s services.  The aim of this strategy is to ensure that we are ready and able to meet the demands arising from organisational change and reduced resources and to provide the necessary technology to deliver the IT services necessary to support the Council through a period of fundamental change. There must be clear business objectives, real savings and tangible efficiencies to justify future investment.

For more information please email ICTServices@tendringdc.gov.uk

Last updated on: 23/07/2014 - 13:37