Finance & Procurement

Financial Services is responsible for the Financial Administration of, and advice to, Tendring District Council. Please note that contact details are listed at the end of this page.

Financial Management and Administration

  • Supporting the financial stewardship and performance of the Council
  • Developing the Service to enable it to meet the challenges ahead

Accountancy Services

  • Provides financial information to other Services within Tendring District Council and External Customers, Partners and Stakeholders;
  • Provides general accountancy support and advice including the forecasting of expenditure and income;
  • The preparation of the Council's formal accounts which demonstrate publicly how funds have been administered

Exchequer Service

  • Processes the payment of Invoices on behalf of other Services within the Council;
  • Issues Invoices to users of the Council's services and coordinates the collection and recovery of Income owed to the Council;
  • Provides a Payroll Service to the Council;
  • Provides an accounting service for Income Tax, National Insurance, VAT and oversees the compliance requirements of the Construction Industry Tax Scheme;
  • Provides a comprehensive Insurance Service including the administration of Insurance claims made by customers and other stakeholders

Internal Audit

  • Provision of an Independent and objective opinion on the adequacy of the Council's control environment, through a risk based programme of planned audit work covering all activities of the Council;
  • Proactive and reactive anti-fraud and corruption investigations
  • Provision of independent advice and support to Officers and Stakeholders


  • Provision of support and advice across the Council in this area, including use of the I&DeA Marketplace on-line ordering system
  • Work in partnership with other Essex Authorities and have access to a wide range of local and national contracts and suppliers to ensure best value and good practice when procuring goods and services
  • Equality & Diversity in relation to procurement is high on the agenda for discussion within the local groups

How to contact Finance & Procurement

By Telephone:

Please contact our Switchboard on 01255 686868 and request the Service you require as set out above

By Email: or

By Letter:

Financial Services / Procurement Services
Town Hall
Essex C015 1SE

NB: If you would like advice on matters such as Benefit Claims, Council Tax and National Non Domestic Rates then please contact Tendring District Council's Benefits and Revenues Service.


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