Accessibility of Third Party Sites

Public Access - Planning and Licencing

Planning -

Licencing -

The public access templates comply with WCAG 2.1 level AA.

However, using Axe/Lighthouse accessibility checking tools, we have identified that customisation has resulted in the following errors.

  • Colour contrast on buttons, menu bar and headers
  • Incorrectly nested headings
  • Language attribute
  • User scalability

These will be addressed at the next upgrade.

MiPermit - Parking Website

  • Compliance status – full, partial, or not compliant - Partial
  • Non-accessible content - Calendar control does not accept keyboard navigation, which is being reviewed. However the date input can be typed in to separately from using the control. This is due to be changed to a fully accessible one in the next release.
  • Content that’s not within the scope of the accessibility regulations - None
  • When the site was tested? How was it tested?​ - The site is tested before each release and tested using WebAIM Accessibility Evaluation Tools.​

Clacton Airshow Website

Report from website provider as at 14 October 2020


Update site to comply to WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards where possible and offer workarounds to elements which fail.

Testing Using:

  • WAVE testing plug in Internet Explorer (PC)
  • AXE in Chrome (Mac)
  • TENON some comparison testing done in Tenon on-line.

Airshow Home Page

  • Removed concertina quick links widget as icons could not be made accessible.
  • Added all page items to main menu bar as sub-menu items.
  • Removed ‘What’s On’ Day1/Day 2 widget, and made into pages instead.
  • Added background colours to slider images for screen readers.
  • Changed contrast of colours on page where required.
  • Changed minimum font size to 15px on blog breadcrumbs.
  • Changed minimum font size to 15px on footer text.

Airshow Internal pages

  • Search button is an icon not a word – removed.
  • Donation page 6 errors in embedded (off site) panel.
  • Added an accessible form plugin and created a new form, passes.
  • Added a banner image on Q&A (was added in the page.)

Uncleared Errors

  • Empty button
  • Top button
  • Skip link

Currently being worked on.

Last updated on: 22/10/2020 - 11:34