Quick Poll Results

March 2012 - Does CCTV Make You Feel Safer?

February 2012 - In your opinion are older people in your local area able to get the services and support they need to continue to live at home for as long as they want to?

January 2012 - Should it be compulsory for people to retake their driving test every ten years?

December 2011 - Do you agree that as people are living longer they should work longer before receiving their state pension?

November 2011 - How often do you visit our website?

October 2011 - Do you think children should be discouraged from "trick or treating" at Halloween?

September 2011 - Would you be prepared to report someone who throws litter out of their car?

August 2011 - Will you be attending the Clacton Air Show this year?

July 2011 - How successful or unsuccessful would you say Tendring District Council is in meeting the needs of young people?

June 2011 - What would encourage you to use public transport more?

May 2011 - Would you recommend the Tendring district as a tourist destination?

April 2011 - The Government is considering cancelling the May Day Bank Holiday and replacing it with either a St George's Day in April or a Trafalgar Day in October. Which of these options would you prefer?

March 2011 - Are you planning to vote in this year's local elections and/or referendum?

February 2011 - Where do you intend to take your summer holiday this year?

January 2011 - Have you made a New Year's resolution this year?

The results from the Quick Polls merely give us a different view on services and issues. We do not use the results to influence decisions as they are not truly representative of Tendring District residents, as in fact anyone from around the world can vote. A range of other statistically reliable consultation projects are in operation to help us shape our services.

Last updated on: 18/04/2012 - 13:39