Results of Recent Consultations


Local Plan

We held a number of consultations whilst preparing our new Local Plan.  Read the latest information about the Local Plan here.

Local Development Order

We consulted about our plans for a Local Development Order for Clacton and Holland on Sea seafront. Read the latest information about the Local Development Order here.


Street Lighting

Essex County Council was looking to carry out a countywide switch-off initiative and gave Tendring the opportunity to comment. Almost 200 people completed the survey.  A number of residents agreed with the switch-off - while others gave specific areas where they would like to see the remaining lights left on between midnight and 5am.  More than two thirds of those who replied wanted the lights kept on in remote footpaths and alleyways linking residential streets.  The highest percentage (69.6) went for that option, followed by 61.9 per cent going for potential high risk crime areas.  The next highest was 30.9 per cent who selected areas where large numbers of people went at night such as nightclubs and pubs; that was followed by 30.4 per cent where there are areas of large traffic movements; 22.7 per cent went for town centre areas with CCTV; 21.6 per cent for main approaches to towns; 18.6 per cent for areas where extra lights had been installed due to accidents.  The option to receive the least votes was areas where there are high security risk premises such as banks and jewellers at just 16 per cent.

Coast Protection options

There were 5 options put forward as part of the scheme to protect the Clacton and Holland coastline.  Throughout the public consultation period over 300 responses were received which will assist the project team to achieve a technically viable and affordable solution. Visit our Clacton and Holland sea defence project page for the latest information.

"You Choose" Budget Consultation

25 responses received when final Budget Proposals considered.

  • 72% of respondents indicated a reduction in Cleansing and Waste spend
  • 60% of respondents indicated a reduction in Community and Public Safety spend
  • 80% of respondents indicated a reduction in Housing and Homelessness spend
  • 100% of respondents indicated a reduction in Management and Support spend
  • 92% of respondents indicated a reduction in Regeneration and Planning spend
  • 100% of respondents indicated a reduction in Sports and Leisure spend

The following 3 areas are where some respondents indicated their preference for an increase in spend:

  • Cleansing and Waste
  • Community and Public Safety
  • Homelessness and Housing
  • Regeneration and Planning

40% of respondents indicated a preference for increased fees and charges

The aggregate of the responses indicated a preference for an average reduction in Council Tax of 3%.


Improvements to leisure facilities

We received almost 200 responses to our consultation about your views about how we could improve our leisure facilities.  Responses were received from a combination of individuals as well as groups telling us what they would like to see.  For example, some organisations want to work with the Council to upgrade sports centres – even putting in some of their own money and helping secure extra funding from outside bodies.


"You Choose" Budget Consultation

Your responses last year helped the Council set its budget for 2012/13 with a number of actions directly relating to the feedback you provided being undertaken to enable a balanced budget to continue to be set - savings totalling £4.4m have already been identified.

Local Plan - Consultation on Housing Issues

In 2011, the Council decided that it would be an appropriate time to undertake further public consultation focussing on the main topic of concern, housing development. This would also allow time for the Council to understand the full implications of the changes that the government proposed to make (including the introduction of the Localism Bill and the intention to abolish regional spatial strategies) and for a revised plan to be prepared in accordance with the latest national requirements. Find out more about this consultation.


"You Choose" Budget Consultation

We asked you to help us decide where we could save money, what your priorities are and what could we do differently, as part of an interactive on-line budget setting exercise. Nearly 200 people took part and the feedback helped us make our spending decisions (see You Said We Did feedback document on left hand side).

Licensing Policy

We consulted on the review of our Licensing Policy.  The revised and adopted Policy is available on our licensing pages.

Dovercourt Regeneration

There were a total of 113 responses received back to questionnaires handed out at an exhibition, at the town library, online or through the post.

  • Some 90 per cent were in favour of redeveloping vacant sites in High Street; 74 per cent wanted shop fronts there improved and 65 per cent called for a better design.
  • More than half wanted better landscaping of the street scene and new street furniture, and almost 50 per cent were in favour of new lighting and paving.
  • Better signage was picked up by 22 per cent and only 19 per cent wanted more public art.
  • When asked about their first impression of Dovercourt Town Centre, 88 per cent described it as unwelcoming and untidy.
  • What people did like about the area was the seafront (81 per cent), heritage (64 per cent) and open space (45 per cent).
  • Some 90 per cent were in support of the changes put forward in the proposals for redevelopment.
  • In the area of the railway station people wanted general refurbishment, a landscaped plaza and more trees and parking.
  • On the seafront the calls were for more landscaping, improvements to Kingsway, new signage and lighting.

There is £106,000 already in the pot from the Lidl store development to be spent by January 2014 and the Council will also be looking to other funding sources to raise money.

Planning Policy - Core Strategy and Development Policies

The Council’s “Proposed Submission Draft” of the Core Strategy and Development Policies Document was placed on public consultation between 21st October and 6th December 2010. During this time people were invited to submit comments on the draft Core Strategy and set out changes they felt were needed.

We consulted on arrangements for New Political Management Arrangements

The Cabinet of Tendring District Council have agreed their recommended proposals to the Council in respect of the new political management arrangements which the Council is required to adopt by 31 December 2010. The proposals relate to the adoption of the new Leader and Cabinet Executive and were due to be considered by the full Council at their meeting on Thursday 16 September 2010. However the item was withdrawn by the Executive Leader as he wished to have further discussions and consultations on this matter with the other Group Leaders. (See New Political Management Arrangements document on left hand side).


We consulted on the future of a piece of land in Holland on Sea and more than 1,500 people have responded.

We consulted on further Conservation Area Management Plans for Great Holland and Kirby. 

We asked for your nominations for the Design Award Scheme and from the buildings you nominated, the winner was chosen as an extension to Romford House, a residential property in Tendring village.


In 2008 we carried out the first Tendring Place Survey providing a new focus on improving outcomes for local people and places. The results of this survey will feed into the development of the Council's Corporate Plan for 2009 to 2016.  Tendring Listens, 2 page summary and the Place Survey Full Report documents are on the left hand side.

The draft Walton Conservation Area Management Plan was published for consultation and comments were invited from local organisations and the general public.

We held a meeting about setting Council Tax and budgets with a range of organisations and people from the community.

The current planning system is undergoing a period of major change. Every local planning authority is under a duty to replace its Local Plan with a new Local Development Framework (LDF).  We consulted with all interested parties from December 2007 to February 2008 on the draft Statement of Community Involvement

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