I have received a summons

You have received this because a Reminder/2nd Reminder/Final Notice was issued to you and you have not paid the required amount on the notice by the date stated.

The rules surrounding Summons Notices are:

  • Your instalment plan is no longer valid and the full year's Council Tax charge plus Summons cost is due
  • If the full amount, inclusive of Summons cost, is not cleared by the court date then an application will be made to the Magistrates' for a Liability Order which, once granted, will incur a further cost of £37.00 and give you the ability to set up a payment arrangement

If you know that you owe the money but just need time to pay then you do not need to attend court

  • Arrangements can be made prior to the court date with certain rules:
  • The Liability Order will still need to be obtained in order to put the payment arrangement in place meaning the £37.00 court costs will still be incurred
  • You are not duty bound to give your income details until the Liability Order is obtained but if you choose not to then your arrangement will not be considered until after the court date
  • Arrangements made after the Liability Order has been obtained can be done by:
  • Completing and returning the blue Information Request that will be issued the day after the court date
  • Using the link at the bottom of this page and choosing the relevant form
  • Appeals/enquiries must be made in writing to Tendring District Council and the quickest method is to use the online form below; we do our best to respond within 48 hours.  Responses to letters and emails can take up to 10 working days.

Make a payment

Summons enquiry / appeals form

I need to set up an arrangement



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