I have an outstanding debt under Liability Order without an arrangement in place

You have this because a Summons was issued and the required amount, inclusive of Summons cost, has not been paid by the court date. Alternatively, you had another method of Recovery in place on a Liability Order and that has now ceased.

The rules surrounding Liability Orders are:

  • An arrangement must be agreed in writing, or full payment made, by the date shown on the Information Request or date advised by the offices
  • Any arrangement made must clear the debt within 6 months or a full budget sheet must be completed to support your offer
  • Arrangements cannot be made over the phone except in exceptional circumstances
  • Under the Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations - Regulation 36, the debtor against whom the Liability Order has been made is duty bound to supply relevant information to the Billing Authority on whose application it was made
  • It is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to refuse to give this information and failure to complete the form, or providing false particulars, may result in criminal proceedings being taken against you
  • Failure to agree an arrangement or make full payment by the required date will result in further recovery action being taken without notice. This can be in the form of any of the following which may incur further costs:
    • Attachment of Earnings
    • Deduction of Benefit
    • Enforcement Agent
    • Charging Order
    • Bankruptcy

Make a payment

I need to set up an arrangement

I wish to appeal / I have an enquiry regarding my debt under Liability Order

Last updated on: 10/06/2022 - 15:19