£150 Government Council Tax Rebate


If you have received your letter with your ‘access key’ please complete your claim using the Energy Rebate Application


We have now processed the majority of payments for the Government’s Mandatory Energy Rebate Scheme for those households who historically were on direct debit, whereby the liable Council Tax payer matched the bank details held. This has seen over 35,000 households receive their payment. We anticipate that the remainder including any new direct debit payers to be paid within the next 14-28 days. The mandatory scheme applies to all households who occupy a property with a Council Tax Band of up to and including Band D.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen an increase in fraudulent activity from those people who have tried to take advantage of the various financial support packages that have been made available by the Government – this is something that is likely to continue as further schemes are launched by the Government, including the energy rebate scheme. Set against this background, the logic of paying Direct Debit payers first was that there was already a layer of ‘protection’ against potential fraud as the bank accounts held by the Council would have been subject to previous validation checks. To protect the funds against fraud, all data provided will be verified by the Governments ‘spotlight’ tool as detailed in their guidance to local authorities in administering their scheme. We appreciate that this may introduce a short delay in payment, but is a necessary requirement in protecting against fraudulent claims on public money.

Eligible Households who do not pay by direct debit

For those households who qualify for the Government’s Mandatory Energy Council Tax Rebate scheme who elect to pay by an alternative method, we are now issuing letters inviting you to claim your Energy Rebate by completing a simple form via our website. This form will only take 2 minutes and can be completed at your convenience. The letter includes a ‘one-time use pass-code’ which is valid for 30 days only, so we urge customers to claim as soon as possible once they receive their letter. If you receive a letter but are on direct debit, this could be due to the liable party name for Council Tax differs from that held on the account for direct debit, such as change of surname, paying through a business account, or where a parent pays a child’s Council Tax, in these circumstances we would ask that you follow the link below and confirm your current personal account details.Households who are in receipt of Council Tax support and may not have to pay Council Tax are also included in this scheme and eligible for the rebate to assist with the increase of energy costs.

Energy Rebate Application

When the payment has been made, your bank statement will show ‘£150 TDC Energy Rebate’.  

We are also aiming to include a local discretionary energy rebate scheme as part of this phase of the process, which should be available in the coming weeks. The local discretionary scheme builds on the mandatory scheme highlighted above by extending the payments of £150 to those households who occupy properties in bands E to H who are also in receipt of financial support under the Council’s existing Local Council Tax Support Scheme. Further ‘top-up’ payments are also planned to be made to all those people who are in receipt of financial support under the existing Local Council Tax Support Scheme even if they have already received a £150 payment. 

The Government have asked that Councils take all necessary steps to pay the energy rebates out as ‘cash deposits to bank accounts’ rather than simply credit Council Tax Accounts. Although we will endeavour to continue with this approach, it is important that we make people aware that even if they do not ‘apply’ for a £150 payment, they will not miss out, as if they are eligible then an equivalent credit will be made to their Council Tax Account later in the year.

Who’s eligible?

Households in council tax bands A-D will receive the £150 council tax rebate from April. This means 4 out of 5 households in England will benefit, including around 95% of rented properties. However, second homes or empty properties will not benefit. If you are unsure of your council tax band, check your council tax band via your printed council tax bill or at: https://www.gov.uk/council-tax-bands.

What if my household isn’t eligible?

  • Councils will receive an extra £144 million to provide support to vulnerable households who may not qualify for the £150 council tax rebate.
  • This includes people on low incomes in council tax bands E-H.
  • We will provide more detail soon on how this will operate in Tendring.

How will my household get its £150?

  • For the Discretionary Scheme, we will update this page when we have finalised the arrangements to pay the rebate.
  • For people who pay council tax by direct debit, in most cases, the rebate will go directly into bank accounts.
  • For those who do not pay council tax via direct debit, letters are now being issued with instructions on how you can claim your £150 rebate. Please make sure that communication is from us before providing payment details. The letter will include a ‘one-time use pass-code’ which is valid for 30 days only. You will also need your Council Tax account number which you can find on your bill.
  • The rebate will not need to be repaid.

What else is on offer to support households with their energy bills?

  • The Government is helping to spread the cost of the recent jump in energy prices over several years. £200 of this year’s energy bill will be taken off from October and spread equally over the next 5 years instead, easing the burden on family budgets. This is not a debt, no interest is charged and no credit ratings are affected.
  • The Warm Home Discount will be expanded, so nearly 3 million low-income households will benefit from a £150 discount.
  • The Household Support Fund is administered by Essex County Council.
Last updated on: 21/06/2022 - 15:33