This page will let you know about Council consultations that are taking place in Tendring, how to get involved, find out what the responses were and what we've done about it. You'll find the key issues we're looking at in the district and take part if you wish.

Current consultations:

Consultation on New Conservation Area Appraisals and Local List Criteria

New website project

Users of Tendring District Council’s (TDC) website are being asked for their views as part of a project to replace the site.

TDC is developing a new, more user-friendly, website – with improved access to information about council services and the Tendring district – and is looking for information from people on how they use the current site to help shape its structure.

People can give their feedback through this survey Tendring District Council Website Survey

This Survey will close 3 February 2023

Taxi policy pre-consultation

Tell us what you think in our Taxi Policy Pre-Consultation Survey

This consultation closes on Wednesday, 8 February 2023.

Your comments will be put before Members of the next Licensing and Registration Committee for review in order for a draft comprehensive taxi/private hire policy to be developed.

Sport and recreation

We know how important sport and recreation is for the District and its residents. If you have views on whether there are enough sports and recreation facilities across Tendring – are there too many, or is there something lacking, please contact Mike Carran on 01255 686688 or

Car parks

Parking services want to hear about your experiences of the Council's car parks, please fill out our online customer satisfaction survey.

Forthcoming decisions

View forthcoming decisions to be made

Council tenants

If you are a Council tenant there are lots of opportunities for you to get involved.  Visit the tenant involvement page for more information.

Contact your councillor

1. Do you have a local issue which you feel strongly about?

2. Do you need more things to do in your area?

3. Are you worried about crime or the environment where you live?

4. Do you feel that your voice isn’t being heard?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, why not get in contact with the councillor that represents your part of the District? Find your Councillor.

Councillors are elected by the people of Tendring to represent your views and to do something about the issues in our local communities that affect us all.

If you feel strongly about an issue, don’t just sit there and wait for somebody else to do something about it, get together with your friends and contact your councillor to get things changed for the better. 

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