Tendring Youth Awards

Tendring Youth Awards are keen to promote a positive image of young people. We aim to highlight and celebrate the success of young people and their commitment to the community in and around the Tendring area.

The Tendring Youth Awards 2020 have been cancelled! 

Due to Coronavirus, the committee has taken the tough decision to cancel the 2020 Awards. The fifth Tendring Youth Awards will now take place in 2021.

Usually held in early July, the committee had in April decided to postpone the awards due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and to keep the situation under review.

But with the volunteer committee members facing increased demands in their day jobs due to Covid-19, a lack of nominations due to school closures, and ongoing uncertainty about venue availability and the risk of further restrictions, Tendring Youth Awards has now decided not to go ahead in 2020.

A provisional date has been set in July 2021 for the next awards, and the nominations cycle will re-launch in the New Year. Any nominations made for the 2020 Awards will be carried forward to 2021, and the age limit on the categories extended by a year so no young people who may have been recognised this year miss out.

Tendring Youth Awards 2019 finalists

The Tendring Youth Awards' headline sponsor is Harwich Haven Authority: Harwich Haven Authority logo

Award Categories

Volunteer (Young Person aged 11-21)

Sponsored by: TLG
This award recognises the volunteering efforts of young people (aged 11-21) as an individual or as part of a group.

2019 Winner: Connor Sharod
2019 Runners up: Raven Gibson; Reann McManus


Arts (Young Person aged 11-21)

Sponsored by: The Princes Theatre
This award showcases the creative potential of a young person (aged 11-21) in any respect of the arts; including Creative (i.e. drawing or writing), Expressive (i.e. dancing or theatre) or Applied (i.e. product design or textiles).

2019 Winner: Daniel Barnard
2019 Runners up: Millie Glasgow; Cast & crew of Les Miserables (Clacton County High School)


Community Improvement (Young Person aged 8-21)

Sponsored by: Harwich Haven Authority
This award celebrates an individual or group who have significantly contributed to their community.

2019 Winner: Lads Need Dads
2019 Runners up: Jayden Thomas; Harwich and Dovercourt High School Windsor Smile Team


Young Carer (Young Person aged 8-18)

Sponsored by: Newsquest Essex
This award recognises a young person (aged 8-18) who helps look after a relative who has a condition, such as a disability, illness, or mental health condition.

2019 Winner: Elisha Corder
2019 Runners up: Nathan Meekings; Misha Greene;


Learning Achievement (Young Person aged 11-21)

Sponsored by: Tendring District Council
This award rewards the hard work and perseverance of a young person (aged 11-21) who has succeeded in their chosen subject or subjects showing their determination to achieve their learning goals.

2019 Winner: Abigail Hartman
2019 Runners up: Dylan Clinton; Harry McCarthy


Outstanding Achievement (Young Person aged 11-21)

Sponsored by: Essex County Council
The Outstanding Achievement category is all about celebrating an individual or group of young people (aged 11-21) achieving in any discipline or field. Achievements must be significant and exceed the norm.

2019 Winner: Sonny’s Army
2019 Runners up: Kirby Primary School; Alfie Francis;


Personal Journey (Young Person aged 8-21)

Sponsored by: Nova Training
This award is given in recognition that some young people (aged 8-21) overcome huge difficulties to achieve success. Obstacles might include problems in their family, social, educational, health or work lives.

2019 Under-13s sub-category: Winner: Joshua Burgess
2019 Runners up: Trinity Sherman; Laurence Cole
2019 Over-13s sub-category: Winner: Sophie-Ann Greenwood
2019 Runners up: Veer Patel; Lauren Mullineaux


The Environmental Initiative Awards (Young Person aged 8-21)

Sponsored By: Galloper Wind Farm Ltd

This award celebrates an individual or group (aged 8-21) who has significantly contributed to improving or caring for the environment.  This award includes a bursary from the sponsors, Innogy, to enable winners to continue and develop their environmental initiative into the future. 

2019 Winner: Harwich TeenTalk Wildlife Group
2019 Runners up: 4 YOUth;  CC Blue Tops


Unsung Hero (Adult)

Sponsored by: Harwich Haven Authority
This award is given in recognition of the efforts of an individual (adult) to support young people to achieve their full potential, through volunteering, mentoring or coaching.

2019 Winner: Sue Crotty
2019 Runners up: Paula Forsyth; Margaret Tay and Maureen May


Committee Award

This award is given to one of those shortlisted for an award, in any category, that stands out for special acknowledgement.

2019 Winner: Cast & crew of Les Miserables (Clacton County High School)

Tendring Youth Awards are supported by Harwich Haven Authority, Galloper Wind Farm Ltd, Nova Training, Princes Theatre, Careline, Essex County Council and Tendring District Council.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, email thetendringyouthawards@gmail.com

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