Community Safety Partnership

Community Safety PArtnership

The district of Tendring is one of the safest places to live in the UK.

Essex has one of the lowest crime rates in England. Home Office figures show that only four police forces, of the 40 in England, had a lower crime rate. Within the county, Tendring Police stands out as a beacon of success.

Although the figures are good the Tendring Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is still striving to combat crime. The partnership includes Tendring District Council, Essex Police, Essex County Council, Police and Crime Commissioner's Office, Essex Fire Authority, Essex Community Rehabilitation Company, North East Essex NHS and Community Voluntary Services Tendring and have identified the following four priorities to improve community safety:

An analysis review of  overall recorded crime  together with an evaluation of responses from public engagement identifies the key priorities for the Tendring Community Safety Partnership should be the following:

1. Tackling Anti Social Behaviour and Acquisitive Crime

Identifying and support repeat and vulnerable victims. Identify hotspot locations and / or spikes in crime trends.  Improve perceptions and facilitate local problem solving to address issues.

2. Protecting Vulnerable People from Hidden Harms

Identifying and supporting repeat and vulnerable victims, educating both young and older people and encouraging proactive reporting of hate crime and domestic abuse. There will also be a clear emphasis on emerging issue of gangs and youth violence, Child Sexual Exploitation, Preventing Violent Extremism, Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking and substance misuse (these are often termed “Hidden Harms).  The CSP will aim to increase the understanding and awareness of the hidden harms our communities face, and encourage those who are suffering to come forward and seek help from the partnership.Current risks within Tendring do not come from the more traditional crimes, but from hidden harms as described above.

3.Reduce Reoffending

Reduce youth offending and reoffending of adults and young people, thereby reducing instances of domestic burglary, most serious violence, personal robbery and drug offences. Reoffending affects families and communities and by reducing it we can help increase community cohesion and improve their quality of life.  The fear of crime whether real or perceived can also have a very serious impact upon people and communities.  Reducing reoffending can help build safer communities and increase public confidence in the criminal justice system.

Community Safety Plan 2016 - 2017

Community Safety Action Plan 2017 - 2018


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