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The district of Tendring is one of the safest places to live in the UK.

Essex has one of the lowest crime rates in England. Home Office figures show that only four police forces, of the 40 in England, had a lower crime rate. Within the county, Tendring Police stands out as a beacon of success.

Although the figures are good the Tendring Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is still striving to combat crime. The partnership includes Tendring District Council, Essex Police, Essex County Council, Police and Crime Commissioner's Office, Essex Fire Authority, Essex Community Rehabilitation Company, North East Essex NHS and Community Voluntary Services Tendring and have identified the following four priorities to improve community safety:

An analysis review of overall recorded crime together with an evaluation of responses from public engagement identifies the key priorities for the Tendring Community Safety Partnership should be the following:

Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour and Acquisitive Crime:

Identifying and supporting repeat and vulnerable victims. Identify hotspot locations and / or increases in crime trends. Anti-Social Behaviour affects families and communities and by addressing these activities we can help improve the quality of life in the community. Improve perceptions and facilitate local problem solving to address issues.

To reduce harm to and safeguard vulnerable victims (including Children) from:

Domestic Abuse, Sexual Offences incl Rape, CSE, Gang related violence, Hate Crime, Cyberbullying / grooming, Serious Organised Crime to include Modern Day Slavery, Human Trafficking and Violent Extremism With a specific emphasis on: Tackling the root causes of Domestic Abuse

Reducing Violence and Knife Crime

Identifying hotspot locations, and / or increases in crime trends. Work with partner agencies to raise awareness of Knife Crime across the district. The fear of crime, whether real or perceived, can also have a very serious impact upon people and communities. With a specific emphasis on County Lines and Drug / Alcohol related violence.

Community Safety Action Plan 2019 - 2020

Tendring CSP Strategic Assessment 2018-19

Fear of Crime Survey

Tendring Community Safety Partnership (TCSP) is working up a list of the issues it wants to tackle and prioritise over the coming 12 months. It wants to make sure that they are the same issues that concern residents – and that they want to be addressed.

TCSP has put together a survey aimed at gathering people’s views which will then be used to help shape the way forward. The survey is very quick and simple to complete and looks at how safe people feel during the day or after dark; has their perception changed over the past year; have they or their family been a victim of crime; and what do they feel is the main source of crime in Tendring.

To take part visit The survey will close at midnight on 31st December 2020.


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