Free vegetables to help promote healthy eating

Young families in Alresford are to benefit from a new initiative which will see free vegetables given out once a week.

The ‘Vegtastic’ Produce Barrow will be turning up outside the village primary school every Friday afternoon.

The idea came about after local resident Joan Coates approached Tendring’s Community Builder Diane Boyd, who is based at Clacton Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

Mrs Coates was keen to distribute excess locally grown produce from her own garden as well as those of neighbours and friends.

Janet Meacock, Headteacher at Alresford Primary, was keen to get involved to help promote healthy eating and agreed to work with the Parish Council and CAB to set up the initiative.

Signpost - a charity in Jaywick – also played its part by running a carpentry course for school students and they made the Vegtastic Barrow.  

Sainsbury’s store in Clacton donated carrier bags and free healthy option recipe cards giving different ideas to creating a healthy meal to support the project.

Diane said the whole aim of the exercise is to encourage young people to eat more fresh produce.

“It has also been a fantastic opportunity to bring all ages of the community together in a new way,” she added.

Mrs Coates, her friends and volunteers will be distributing free seasonal produce, depending on availability, to the parents and guardians of the children that attend Alresford Primary school every Friday at 3pm inside the school gates.

The initial launch on Friday was a great success with the stall overflowing with local donations and it was emptied within about 20 minutes.


Last updated on: 17/09/2014 - 13:26