Census Information

Census Information 2001

Census 2001

Census Information 2011

Key statistics from the 2011 census are available on the Office for National Statistics website via the link below:

Census 2011

Census Information 2021

Census Day was Sunday 21 March 2021.  This page will be updated to include a link to key statistics from Census 2021 when they become publicly available.

The ONS are keen to protect the public from census scams that are still operating.

These scam texts threaten the recipient with a £1000 fine for not completing the census, or for filling it in incorrectly.

The ONS would like to repeat the following messages:

•             The ONS will never contact someone by text in relation to the census

•             The ONS will never issue a fine by text, phone call, email or social media

•             Scam text messages can be forwarded to 7726 and scam emails to report@phishing.gov.uk

Further information can be found on the Census website at https://census.gov.uk/your-data-and-security/how-we-will-contact-or-visit-you

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