Tendring District Council held its first ever TENDRING4GROWTH Business Awards, on the evening of Friday 14 October 2022 at the Princes Theatre.

The awards were closely linked to the events which took place during the TENDRING4GROWTH Business Fortnight. Details on each award and their winner can be found below:

•             Creative & Culture - WINNER: Clacton Pier  (award sponsored by neoncloud)

•             Military Covenant - WINNER: Rose Builders

•             Women in Business - WINNER: Gemma Veale of Little'Uns  (award sponsored by Backing Essex Business)

•             Friend to the Environment - WINNER: Barn Farm Drinks  (award sponsored by Galloper Wind Farm)

•             Disability Confident - WINNER: Uniform7  (award sponsored by Colbea) 

•             Future Generations - WINNER: Chloe Maynard of Uniform7  (award sponsored by Colbea)

The TENDRING4GROWTH Business Awards were open to SME businesses and individuals based in the Tendring District, nominees could be either a for-profit business, or an individual working within a for-profit business (community groups are not eligible). All types of business were eligible, including sole traders, partnerships, limited companies etc. Businesses could be either new or established, but must have been trading before April 2022. The nomination criteria can be found below:

Nomination Criteria 

Creativity & Culture – Eligible Businesses

This award is designed to celebrate the regenerative impact and increased pride in place that the Creative & Cultural sectors have on our local economy, and recognise how crucial the sector has been during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nominations are encouraged for businesses from any segment within the wider sector, including but not limited to:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Tourism & Leisure/Visitor Attractions
  • Performance
  • Libraries, Archives, Museums, other Heritage-related business
  • Access to Creativity (Workshops, Studios, Exhibition Spaces)
  • Architecture
  • Crafts
  • Advertising, Publishing, Design (Traditional, Web, Games)
  • Film
  • Music

Businesses nominated may wish to highlight their entire business model in the creative and cultural sectors, or an individual project/initiative that has proven successful, or perhaps highlight changed business practices during/after the pandemic, for consideration by the Judges.

Military Covenant – Eligible Businesses or Individuals

The Armed Forces Covenant encourages local communities to support the armed forces community in their area and promote understanding and awareness among the public of issues affecting the Armed Forces community.

This award is designed to recognise excellence for:

  • Businesses who have made concerted efforts to recruit reservists and/or veterans and the wider armed forces community, for example by updating policies to this effect and making adaptations to the workplace to accommodate ex-military staff, or other outreach which has been incorporated throughout the business.

                Examples of business adaptations could include but are not limited to:

  • Supporting the employment of veterans and service leavers
  • Offering leave flexibility for service spouses/partners before, during and after deployment
  • Supporting reservist employees by allowing leave for training and deployment
  • Offering discount to members of the armed forces community
  • Reservists and/or ex-military individuals who have, by virtue of transferable skills, made a positive impact in their employment during/following their military career. These impacts may or may not be directly linked to the wider armed forces community.

Businesses do not have to have signed up formally to the Covenant for Business in order to be eligible, but will be supported to do so if they wish as part of the shortlisting process.

Women in Business – Eligible Businesses

This award is designed to recognise excellence in the local business community alongside the wider Ambitious Women in Essex Programme which supports all things related to renewal, ambition & equality of the Essex economy for our local women in business.

All businesses are eligible in this category:

  • Women-owned businesses in any sector which have come through/started during the pandemic and are an example of the resilience and diverse nature of our local business community.
  • Any business which can demonstrate themselves as an example of best practice in supporting women in the workplace; for example by working to encourage women into traditionally male dominated sectors, supporting flexible/return to work options beyond the pandemic, or similar.

Friend to the Environment – Eligible Businesses

This award is designed to recognise significant and consistent work on the part of any small/medium business locally to reduce their environmental impact, and/or positively impact the environment. The business does not have to be working in a sector directly related to environmental concerns, although those who are would of course be eligible for consideration. Businesses working in other sectors would be eligible if they could demonstrate, for example:

  • Innovations or new technology to reduce environmental impact of the business, or as a key product/service which assists others in reducing their environmental impact
  • Adaptations to previous practices or policies with the stated aim of reducing negative environmental impact in their normal business activities
  • Interventions to assist staff and/or customers to reduce their environmental impact in the wider community
  • Time-limited or one-off interventions which have proven successful in reducing the environmental impact of the business, or those which positively affect the environment (e.g. tree planting initiatives) and could be replicated

Disability Confident – Eligible Businesses or Individuals

The Disability Confident scheme was developed by employers and disabled people’s representatives with SMEs particularly in mind, in order to encourage employers to think differently about disability and take action on how they recruit, retain and develop disabled people.

This award will therefore reward excellence from a Tendring business which has taken steps to meet these aims, whether or not they have formally signed up to any level of the Disability Confident scheme, although TDC Officers will offer support to nominated businesses who have not signed up to do so if they wish.

Eligible businesses are those which:

  • Have made concerted efforts to recruit, retain and develop disabled members of staff, for example by updating policies to this effect and making adaptations to the workplace to accommodate disabled employees.
  • Have implemented other outreach which has been incorporated throughout the business to include disabled customers, for example inclusive communication practices or the upskilling of all staff to better support disabled customers.
  • Employers may also wish to nominate particular staff who have made an outstanding contribution to the inclusivity of the wider business to better accommodate disabled staff/customers.

Future Generations - Eligible Businesses

This award is designed to recognise a young entrepreneur (under 25 years of age) who has either started a business or contributed to the running of an existing business in recent years. Nominations are welcome from employers or the entrepreneur themselves, with examples of how they have had a significant impact.

Eligible individuals are those who:

  • Have started a new business, brought a product to market or otherwise shown innovative entrepreneurial spirit
  • Younger employees who have, through ideas or innovation, had a transformational impact on an existing business


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