Restart Grants and Other Business Grant Schemes

Restart Grants and Other Business Grant Schemes 

Both the Restart Grant Scheme and Additional Restrictions Grant scheme are now closed to new applications, the deadline being 30 June 2021.

In respect of the Restart Grant Scheme, the application deadline was set by the Government.

In respect of the Additional Restrictions Grant Scheme, for consistency the same application deadline was set locally by the Council. However, there remained the  possibility of running further phases of the scheme if money remained unspent from the associated Government grant funding of £4.2m. Based on the applications received by the deadline of 30 June 2021, the full amount has now been spent and therefore no money remains available to commit to further phases of the scheme at the present time.

The above is important to highlight given the Government’s recent announcement that they have extended the Additional Restrictions Grant deadline to the end of July 2021.  This deadline is only a spending deadline rather than an extension to the actual grant scheme itself and is therefore only relevant if money remained available from the £4.2m grant funding mentioned above.

The Business Adaptions Grant Scheme remains open to new applications with further details set out below:

This scheme is aimed at supporting small and medium hospitality enterprises (SMEs) that operate from a property within the business rating systems to adapt their premises and/or operations in order to continue to operate in a COVID-secure environment and generate income whilst legislation permits them to remain open and/or when restrictions are removed and they are able to reopen.

The criteria for this grant are being re-evaluated and so whilst TDC is still welcoming applications only from hospitality businesses and their direct suppliers for the Business Adaptations Grant, please check back soon as further sectors may become eligible.

The level of grants payable are as follows:

  • For eligible businesses to promote that their business is COVID-secure, e.g. signage or training/upskilling staff connected to their adaptions or changes will receive a grant of £500
  • For eligible businesses to make improvements, adjustments, or are expanding business premises to assist them in continuing to operate in response to COVID-secure practices and social distancing guidelines in response to the current impact of COVID-19 will receive a grant of £1,000
  • For eligible businesses for costs associated with establishing and running an online presence where the business does not currently have an online presence or enabling the business to diversify operations in order to generate new or enhance existing income streams including the purchase of equipment to enable this, e.g. exterior furniture, shelter, heating, lighting, access improvements/ amendments, internal adaptions etc will receive a grant of £1,500

Please ensure that you have read the Guidance, terms and conditions of the scheme before submitting your application.

How to apply: Application form for Business Adaptations Grant Scheme

Last updated on: 01/07/2021 - 08:34