Walton-on-the-Naze is identified in the Local Plan as an 'Urban Regeneration Area' owing to its socio-economic problems, physical degradation and its weak and highly seasonal economy, typical of declining seaside towns nationwide. These circumstances are particularly acute in Walton due to its unique circumstances and geography.
The Walton Regeneration Framework was published in 2010. It seeks to outline the key strategic objectives for regeneration in Walton-on-the-Naze and provides an assessment of Walton, drawing on key issues that should be addressed in the regeneration strategy and potential areas of improvement within the town. It also sets out the key strategic objectives for Walton, which will be incorporated into the draft Local Plan, to ensure appropriate development occurs within Walton, encouraging regeneration and securing a prosperous future for the town.
The core objectives of the Regeneration Framework are to:


  • Build a strong all year round economy - diversifying and extending the local economy to create new business and employment opportunities;
  • Create a unique destination which maximises its environmental and heritage assets - realising the largely untapped potential of Walton, presented by its natural environment and heritage, to create a destination unlike any other in the region;
  • Make Walton a place where people will choose to live and realise their potential - a town with a good range of housing, retail, community and leisure facilities which will attract people of all ages and encourage them to stay; and
  • Ensure a sustainable future for Walton - maintaining a balance between economic growth and environmental management.

The document proposes a series of key projects that will help to deliver these objectives in Walton including proposals for tourist attractions, new housing, new commercial development, new leisure facilities, improvements to sea defences, new parking and opportunities for environmental enhancements and better pedestrian and cycle networks.

All of the projects identified in the Regeneration Framework are potentially deliverable within a 10 year period. Other bigger development proposals will require a change in the Council's planning policies and so the Regeneration Framework provides the robust evidence base that will justify this new approach that will be included in the new Local Plan.

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