Harwich Masterplan

The primary aim of this Masterplan is to promote a sustainable development strategy for Old Harwich. Sustainable development is defined internationally as "development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

The Master Plan will set out the principles of a spatial strategy to promote a sustainable pattern of development and change within Old Harwich. The Master Plan consists of two strands which are embraced in two core policies:

  • Identifying Old Harwich's development needs where it will do most to assist urban regeneration, and
  • Restraining development in locations where it would cause harm to the environment or regeneration.

Following up on the proposals in the Harwich Master Plan for public realm enhancement works a Design Statement has been prepared showing how the Quayside and Gateway areas are to be improved. The proposals involve using high quality materials and street furniture, paving of large parts of the Quayside making it more pedestrian friendly.

The proposals were subject to public consultation and the Design Statement has been formally adopted as a Supplementary Planning Interim Document.

Harwich Masterplan Part 1 - Part 8

Harwich Masterplan Part 9 - Part 12

Harwich Quayside Design Statement

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