Economic Development Strategy

In November 2013 the Council adopted a new Economic Development Strategy which seeks to transform the district’s economic performance with the aim of securing sustainable and long-term economic growth.

The Strategy seeks to achieve this by:

  • Promoting diversification within the local business base, recognising the need to target new sector specialisms which can support a more buoyant and resilient economy;
  • Promoting Tendring’s role in regional and national economies and celebrating the District’s contribution;
  • Valuing places within Tendring and ensuring that they are able to evolve as modern and effective economic locations;
  • Recognising the importance of residents to the District’s economic future, ensuring that they are equipped with the skills and aspirations to participate in the area’s economic transformation;
  • Encouraging growth within new and established sectors;
  • Promoting improved partnership working to secure structural change in the District’s economy; and
  • Recognising that difficult decisions may have to be made and risks taken to ensure the District’s economic success.

The Strategy identifies five key objectives:

  1. Supporting Tendring’s Growth Locations - Intervening in areas where the potential for economic growth is highest and where there is a strong case for intervention particularly (but not exclusively) in Harwich, Clacton and West Tendring (developing commercial links with the Severalls Business Park and the University of Essex).
  2. Targeting Growth Sectors – Targeting the sectors which are best placed to support growth and job creation within Tendring’s economy. The Strategy focuses attention upon the opportunities afforded by Offshore Wind Energy and Care & Assisted Living.
  3. Skills and Information – Recognising that the District has some of the most disadvantaged populations in the country this objective seeks to build a stronger and more competitive economy by equipping local people with the skills and aspiration necessary to participate.
  4. Supporting Modernisation, Diversification & Growth within the Business Base – Improving business liaison, innovation and inward investment and creating dynamism in the economy that will make Tendring more competitive and resilient to national and international shock.
  5. Facilitating Population Growth where this Supports the Economy – Recognising that the District has an elderly and shrinking population, this objective seeks to build on the district’s positive characteristic of being an attractive place to live and promotes population growth as a means of supporting the long-term future of the economy.

A phased and prioritised Delivery Plan identifying the actions and costed interventions to be pursued by the Council over the next three years will now be developed. The Delivery Plan will draw on the objectives and recommendations identified in the Economic Development Strategy and build on the work and good practice already being pursued by the Council’s Inward Investment and Growth team and by other service areas within the authority.

Accordingly the proposed Delivery Plan will focus on the delivery of projects and programmes already in the pipeline and those linked to the opportunities afforded by: the offshore renewables sector in Harwich; the A120; and the coastal defence works at Clacton and Holland Haven. The Delivery Plan will also seek to further develop the Council’s approach to supporting local businesses and to harmonise its contribution to inward investment via its continued work with Essex County Council and the Haven Gateway Partnership.

The Socio-Economic Baseline and Economic Development Strategy will form part of the suite of technical documents underpinning the land use policy objectives articulated within the Council’s emerging Local Plan.

Last updated on: 24/02/2020 - 13:13