Transforming Dovercourt's Appearance

This study, the Dovercourt Masterplan, develops a strategy for the revitalisation of Dovercourt town centre. It sets out a positive vision, guides development and identifies a range of projects that will attract residents and visitors and improve the image and quality of the centre.

This study was commissioned in January 2018 by Tendring Council as a means to update the previous masterplan (Dovercourt Rediscovered) from 2011. The plan had to re-evaluate the town centre in the context of the changed commercial and planning environment. A particular focus for the study was to explore the feasibility of development of two key sites in Dovercourt, the Council owned Milton Road Car Park and the boarded-up Starlings Block that detracts from the town centre.

The masterplan was prepared by Urban Initiatives Studio in collaboration with Ash Sakula Architects, Montague Evans Property Advisors and Stockdale Cost Consultants. The study evolved through engagement with local stakeholders, councillors and council officers. This report summarises the project and its outcomes, and sets out a strategy for improvement and change in Dovercourt that can turn the tide for the centre.

The report is comprised of four sections, described below:

  1. Introduction – an overview of the project, the study area and a review of the previous masterplan, Dovercourt Rediscovered.
  1. Understanding Dovercourt – an analysis of Dovercourt and identification of constraints and opportunities. Topics include character, heritage, transport and planning policy.
  1. Regenerating Dovercourt – setting out the vision for Dovercourt and the strategy for regeneration. This section includes an illustrative masterplan for the town centre and an overview of public realm and development interventions.
  1. Catalogue of regeneration projects – this section identifies twenty concrete projects that will help to bring about change in Dovercourt. Their range includes development projects, public realm improvements and the management and promotion of the town centre.

Dovercourt Masterplan document

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