Transforming Dovercourt’s Appearance

The Dovercourt Town Centre Masterplan seeks to improve the economic performance and vitality of the town by creating a more appealing environment, with the focus on vacant, derelict and rundown sites.

Starlings site, located on Dovercourt High Street, is to be redeveloped to provide new public space, public toilets, and a surface car park with 51 car parking spaces, including four for disabled use and four for Electric Vehicle Charging. As well as this, Milton Road Car Park is due to be redeveloped for housing, with a plan to include fifteen public car parking spaces on Bagshaw Road, although this project is currently under review.

These projects deliver the aims and objectives of the Council’s Corporate Plan, linking directly with the Council’s Community Leadership role and commitment to supporting vibrant town centres through targeted ‘place shaping’ investment.

Delivery of the Starlings project is being led by the Council’s Economic Growth Team with support from technical specialists Richard Jackson Ltd and Boyer Planning. You can view the consultation here.

Dovercourt Masterplan Revisited

The masterplan was prepared by Urban Initiatives Studio in collaboration with Ash Sakula Architects, Montague Evans Property Advisors and Stockdale Cost Consultants. The study evolved through engagement with local stakeholders, councillors and council officers. This report summarises the project and its desired outcomes for the town.

The report is comprised of four sections, described below:

  1. Introduction – an overview of the masterplan project, the study area and a review of the earlier masterplan, Dovercourt Rediscovered.
  1. Understanding Dovercourt – an analysis of Dovercourt and identification of constraints and opportunities. Topics include character, heritage, transport and planning policy.
  1. Regenerating Dovercourt – setting out the vision for Dovercourt and the strategy for regeneration. This section includes an illustrative masterplan for the town centre and an overview of public realm and development interventions.
  1. Catalogue of regeneration projects – this section identifies twenty projects that together will help to bring about change in Dovercourt Town Centre. The range includes development projects, public realm improvements and the management and promotion of the town centre.



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