Late NNDR payments

What action the Council will take if you do not pay on time

Business Rate Bills are issued annually. The usual method of payment under Business Rate regulations is by 10 monthly instalments, from April to January. This number will be reduced where bills are produced later in the year. Business Rate payers are required to make their payments by the due dates shown on their bills (under instalment plan) and it is essential that payments are actually received by the Council on or before the due date. Where payments are not received on time, action will begin to recover the debt without delay.

The rules regarding the collection of Business Rates is as follows. The first time that you fail to pay a Business Rate instalment on time, you will be sent a reminder asking you to bring your account up to date within a set time. If you do this you can continue to pay by instalments;

If you fall behind with your payments again, a second and last reminder will be issued requesting payment of outstanding instalments within a set time. If you do this, as in the case of a first reminder, you can still continue to pay by monthly instalments;

Further non-payment will result in a final notice being issued. This means that your right to pay by instalments is withdrawn and the full amount outstanding on the notice must be paid in full.

If you receive a reminder or final notice and you do not pay the amount requested within the specified time period, you will become liable to receive a summons to appear at Colchester Magistrates Court. To prevent this you must contact the Business Rate office to discuss your failure to pay and to make alternative payment arrangements,

Last updated on: 01/08/2017 - 11:13