About Your NNDR Bill

Non-Domestic Rates, or business rates, collected by local authorities are the way that those who occupy non-domestic property contribute towards the cost of local services.

Under the business rates retention arrangements introduced from 1 April 2013, authorities keep a proportion of the business rates paid locally. This provides a direct financial incentive for authorities to work with local businesses to create a favourable local environment for growth, since authorities will benefit from growth in business rates revenues. The money, together with revenue from council tax payers, revenue support grant provided by the Government and certain other sums, is used to pay for the services provided by your local authority and other local authorities in your area.

Please read the explanatory notes on the link below to ensure that you are paying the correct amount of business rates. A hard copy is available on request by writing to the Council.

Business Rates are calculated by multiplying the rateable value against a multiplier (also known as the poundage).

There are two multipliers for 2023/24:

49.9 pence (applicable for those who qualify for Small Business Rate Relief together with all other occupied properties with a rateable value of below £51,000)

51.2 pence (standard multiplier for every other property)

Transitional scheme for the 2023 rating list

For those ratepayers who would otherwise have seen significant increases in their rates liability, the Government has put in place a transitional relief scheme to limit and phase in changes in rate bills as a result of the 2023 revaluation.

Under the transition scheme, limits apply to yearly increases until the full amount is due. The scheme applies only to the bill based on a property at the time of the revaluation. The transitional arrangements are applied automatically, you do not have to apply for them and they are shown on the front of the bill.

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Questions or comments?

If you notice that the information on your bill is incorrect (such as your name has been misspelt) or you would like an electronic copy of your bill please contact us at business.rates@tendringdc.gov.uk

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