Local Restrictions Support Grant Application

With increased restrictions being applied on businesses in the way in which they operate or have been required to close, the Government has provided additional grant schemes to support businesses who have been adversely impacted.

The ‘Local Restrictions Support (Open) Grant’ provides funding for businesses that remained open but have been impacted by Essex moving into Tier 2 (LCAL2) if they meet the eligibility criteria based on Government guidance. The policy, which can be found by following the link below, is based on national / generic guidance and therefore includes reference to Tier 3 (LCAL 3) – however this does not apply to the Tendring area.  This scheme covers the period from 17 October until 4 November when the national restrictions were implemented.

Tendring Local Restrictions Support Grants (Open) Policy

In addition to this scheme, the ‘Local Restrictions Support (Closed) Grant’ is to provide funding for those businesses that have been legally required to close due to the period of national restrictions from 5 November – this scheme covers the period from 5 November until the 2 December.

Full guidance on these schemes which we recommend you read can be found on the Gov.uk website at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/local-restrictions-support-grants-lrsg-and-additional-restrictions-grant-arg-guidance-for-local-authorities .

How to apply

The single application for both schemes mentioned above is now available. Should you operate from a hereditament in the rating list you may be eligible for both schemes,  so we will assess your eligibility for both based on this single application.

Please make an application using our Local Restrictions Support Grant Application form.

The Government has also provided an ‘Additional Restrictions Grant’ scheme for Local Authorities to administer which is to assist those businesses which have not been required to close but have been severely impacted by national restrictions. Local Authorities can use the funding to provide direct support to business via grants or for wider business support initiatives.  We are currently finalising this scheme based on Government guidance that is still emerging, but an application form and policy will be available as early as possible next week. Guidance that has been published to date can be found at the Gov.uk website.     

Last updated on: 20/11/2020 - 12:33