Submit supporting licensing documents

Please note that the Licensing Office is open for pre-arranged appointments only. Documents can be posted or emailed to the Licensing Office or uploaded via the link below.

If you have been requested to supply documentation to the Licensing Office, you can upload your document(s) electronically using the online form link below. This will save you time by not having to visit the office.

Online form to submit supporting documents

Example documents that can be submitted using this link are:

Vehicle Documents such as:

Taxi - Insurance Certificate
Taxi - MOT Certificate
Taxi - Mechanical Test Certificate
Taxi - DVLA Log Book

Driver Documents such as:

Taxi - Driving Licence
Taxi - Passport
Taxi - Medical
Taxi - Proof of addresses
Taxi - Disclosure and Barring Certificate

Other Documents such as:

Personal Licence - Qualification
Personal Licence - Passport
Personal Licence - Driving Licence
Personal Licence - Disclosure and Barring Certificate
Licensing Receipts

Last updated on: 16/05/2022 - 10:48