Caravan Site Licence

Caravan Licences - Standards for Caravan Sites

Anyone stationing a caravan or mobile home on land and using it for accommodation will require planning permission both for the caravan or mobile home and for the use of the land for residential purposes.

There are some limited exceptions to this which covers small numbers of touring caravans (up to 5) on land for a limited period of time, where the owner of the land has a certificate from an organisation such as the caravan club.

Where a site has got planning permission the owner of the site must have a caravan site license which is granted by Tendring District Council. The purpose of the license is to regulate the standards being maintained. To ensure that there is adequate space between the vehicles to protect against the spread of fire and that fire precautions are maintained, that the electricity supply to the site is safe and that there is adequate facilities in terms of water, sanitation and recreation space.

More detailed information about standards on licensed caravan sites is available below:

Caravan Site Licensing Standards

Applying for a Licence

You can complete the licence application form online here Caravan Site Licence Form

This application is subject to tacit approval under the European Union Services Directive.   Applications are usually dealt with within 62 days of receipt of full application.   In exceptional circumstances the deadline may be required to be extended, you will be notified of the new deadline and the reason for extending it.

If you have any queries regarding caravan site licensing or about the standards of accommodation being provided in a mobile home or on a caravan site, please contact our Health and Safety Section. 

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