Reporting a repair

You are responsible for reporting any repairs that are necessary, either to your home or in any shared area we are responsible for.

You can report a repair to us in the following ways:

Please note that on-line requests, faxes and emails sent to our address will only be dealt with during working hours.

However you notify us, please tell us your name and address; full details about the repair; and when someone will be at home to let the contractor or our Maintenance Surveyor in. If you prefer, when you report a repair, you can tell us whether you would like the contractor to arrange an appointment with you. If you do, we will inform our contractor, who will contact you to arrange a specific time.

Please note: We may charge you if you were out when our contractor called after you had said you would be at home.

Last updated on: 11/09/2013 - 14:42