Planned work

As well as carrying out day-to-day repairs, we have an ongoing programme where we plan maintenance and improvements work in advance and include more than one property at a time. This is known as our planned programme and includes work such as:

  • installing double glazing;
  • re-roofing;
  • external decoration;
  • major structural repairs; and
  • environmental improvements.

We are committed to improving the condition of our properties. But we have limited money and need to give high priority to some work, so it is inevitable that some properties will benefit from improvements before others.

If we carry out planned maintenance or improvement work to your property or block, you will have to pay a share of the costs involved.

You have a legal right to be consulted before we carry out any major work on your property or block or enter into any long term agreements for the provision of services. This means we have to give you certain information that is specified by the Government about the work we are planning or the agreement we intend to enter into.

In accordance with the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, landlords must consult in a prescribed way where the charge payable by any one leaseholder in respect of major works is anticipated to be more than £250 or more than £100 a year for the provision of services.

If consultation is not carried out in this way, the landlord will not be able to collect service charges of more than £250 per leaseholder for major works or £100 for services.

Details of the consultation procedures for major works and qualifying long term agreements can be found by visiting the Leasehold Advisory Service website under our useful links area.

Last updated on: 24/05/2012 - 20:39