Our Performance

In order to illustrate how we are performing, we measure a range of indicators. Many of these are industry standard as set by the Telecare Services Association (TSA) and allows us to compare our performance with similar service providers.

We have broken the results down by each area that is being measured. Each indicator describes what area it is measuring, the target and our performance against that target. The data below is for the 2012 calendar year.

IndicatorTargetOur performance
Urgent installations carried out within 2 days90%96.23%
Remaining urgent installations carried out within 5 days100%100%
Non-Urgent installations carried out within 15 days90%97.03%
Remaining non-urgent installations carried out within 20 days100%100%


IndicatorTargetOur Performance
Critical repairs carried out within 2 days90%99.43%
Remaining critical repairs carried out within 4 days100%100%
Non-critical repairs carried out within 15 days90%93.07%
Remaining non-critical repairs carried out within 20 days100%100%


Call Handling
IndicatorTargetOur Performance
Calls answered within 1 minute98.5%99%
Calls answered within 3 minutes100%99.95%


Responding to a call where a Mobile Support Officer is required
IndicatorTargetOur Performance
Attending an address within 45 minutes of a call90%97.92%
Attending remaining addresses with 60 minutes100%100%


Complaint Handling
IndicatorTargetOur Performance
Number of complaints receivedN/A10
Acknowledgement of complaint sent within 5 working days100%100%
Response to complaint sent within 20 working days100%100%


Service User satisfaction

Service Quality

Speed of ResponseStaff HelpfulGood ValueOverall
Satisfaction with installation service          90%100%100%100%100%100%

Satisfaction with monitoring service          

Satisfaction with response service           90%100%75%100%100%94.7%


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