Message from Cllr Nick Turner, TDC’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Coast Protection

Cllr Nick Turner

I am proud to announce that TDC and its partners have embarked on a major £36 million Coastal Defence Scheme – the longest of its kind currently being undertaken in the country.

Not only will it protect hundreds of homes along our coastline and create glorious sandy beaches for all to enjoy, but it will also provide opportunities for the renaissance of our seafront which is vital to the District’s economy.

The project is now well underway and we intend to keep you updated on progress throughout the 18-month programme of works on this website and via our information centre currently located at Holland Haven.

These exciting works are an attraction in themselves, with such large engineering projects there is always something happening.  Regular visits will reward the visitor with sights of early beach recharge by shallow draft dredger and new granite rock groyne construction on a massive scale. 

The main beach recharge will follow the phased groyne construction with up to 950,000 cubic meters of beach material pumped on shore from a large dredging vessel via an 800 meter long 800mm diameter sinker pipe. It is expected that this will require approximately 200 trips from the offshore extraction site. This amazing project is a sight not to be missed.

TDC’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Coast Protection

Last updated on: 05/12/2014 - 11:44