Clacton to Holland on Sea Coast Protection Scheme - Latest information

The last weekly bulletin issued Friday 25 September 2015:

New beaches

All works are substantially complete, and the seafront and beaches will be open to the public from noon today.  Therefore this is the last weekly bulletin!

New Beaches

The newly opened beaches will take time to evolve into their natural shape and “cliffing” of the beach will take place as it develops its shape. Care will be required due to the stony nature of the new recharge material which requires the natural processes to sort the beach.

Please observe the signs that have been placed on these beaches, in particular around the new rock structures.

As the beaches evolve there will be times when rocks/concrete that have been buried in the beach will become exposed in the intertidal zone of the beach.  There will be periodic inspections at low tide times and removal of this material over the coming months.

Other works

Whilst the main project work has been completed, we have ongoing maintenance works programmed along the frontage and localised closures will be necessary so that we can carry out these works.

Holland Haven open space area

Reinstatement of the grass including the compound area, is taking place.  Repairs are being carried out to the cycle way/footway adjacent to the PLA Radar Mast.  Areas of greensward will remain fenced off until the grass has established and it is safe to re-open to the public.

Opening ceremony

A single six tonne rock has been placed on the greensward opposite Hazlemere car park and this will shortly be fitted with an engraved panel to celebrate the completion of the scheme.  A formal opening ceremony is planned to take place in late October.


Unfortunately we no longer have access to the webcam, however we are hoping to be able to add some footage of the scheme at a later date.

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