Freedom of Information Requests Received 2017


29/17Council Tax Support Scheme 2017/2018Reply to 29/17
251/17Council Tax Debt

Reply to 25/17

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8/17Credit Balances on Business Rates Accounts

Reply 8/17

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11/17Summonses issued for non-payment of business ratesReply to 11/17
16/17Benefits CapReply to 16/17
18/17IT Storage ContractsReply to 18/17
26/17Non - Payment of Council TaxReply to 26/17
37/17Discretionary Housing PaymentsReply to 37/17
38/17BACS and Direct Debit SoftwareReply to 38/17
42/17IT Service DeskReply to 42/17
58/17Vehicle Provision for StaffReply to 58/17
75/17Multi-Functional PrintersReply to 75/17
80/17Cybersecurity PracticesReply to 80/17
109/16Revenge EvictionsReply to 109/16
112/16Gypsy and Traveller SitesReply to 112/16
123/16Complaints against Public HousesReply to 123/16
127/16Refugees resettled under the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement SchemeReply to 127/16
130/16Careline Lifting ServiceReply to 130/16
131/16Non-traditional Building Methods for HousesReply to 131/16
132/16Recyclable wasteReply to 132/16
135/16Microchipping of DogsReply to 135/16
138/16Bird Scarers

Reply to 138/16

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140/16Dog Breeding Establishments

Reply to 140/16

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143/16Cemeteries in the DistrictReply to 143/16
145/16Licensing of WildcastsReply to 145/16
147/16Revenue generated from parking metersReply to 147/16
149/16Powers of Civil Enforcement OfficerReply to 149/16
150/16Parking tickets issuedReply to 150/16
19/2017ICT Services

Reply to 19/2017

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20/2017List of Commercial Properties attracting relief

Reply to 20/2017

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30/2017Network and Server InformationReply to 30/2017
32/2017Companies that have become liable for NNDR between 1st and 31st December 2016

Reply to 32/2017

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46/2017Maintenance costs for empty Council owned BuildingReply to 46/2017
55/2017Increases and Decreases on Council Tax bandingsReply to 55/2017
57/2017Occupational Therapy  Reply to 57/2017
98/2017Costs of top 10 interim staff Reply to 98/2017
100/2017Document ManagementReply to 100/2017
101/2017Drugs testing on staffReply to 101/2017
103/2017Council Tax Support SchemeReply to 103/2017
72/2017Street LightsReply to 72/2017
74/2017Contaminated LandReply to 74/2017
76/2017RecyclingReply to 76/2017
77/2017TreesReply to 77/2017
78/2017Housing Waiting ListReply to 78/2017
79/2017War veterans and Asylum seekers given accommodationReply to 79/2017
88/2017Accidents involving Council vehicles

Reply to 88/2017

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93/2017Fixed penalty notices in respect of recyclingReply to 93/2017
120/2017Microchipping of DogsReply to 120/2017
93/2017Properties with Credit Balances on their Business Rates Account

Reply to 93/2017

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106/17Households affected by the Benefits CapReply to 106/17
122/17IT DocumentsReply to 122/17
127/17Benefits CapReply to 127/17
133/17Photocopiers/MFD's/Desktop PrintersReply to 133/17
149/17Local Housing Allowance RatesReply to 149/17
160/1718-21 years olds in receipt of Housing BenefitReply to 160/17
176/17Wind TurbinesReply to 176/17
177/17Green Waste CollectionsReply to 177/17
178/17Cost of Temporary AccommodationReply to 178/17
179/17Visits to licensed scrap metal dealersReply to 179/17
183/17Costs of using Council Rangers at Political protest marchReply to 183/17
193/17Housing Allocations PolicyReply to 193/17
195/17Fixed penalty notices for Dog FoulingReply to 195/17
161/2017Business Rate Payers that fall into Class A2 (Financial + Professional Services)

Reply to 161/2017

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164/2017Financial Management SystemsReply to 164/2017
167/2017Discretionary Housing PaymentsReply to 167/2017
168/2017Employment ReferencesReply to 168/2017
169/2017Companies that become liable for business rates between 18 February 2017 and 10 March 2017

Reply to 169/2017

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170/2017Staffing and RecruitmentReply to 170/2017
178/2017Personal Injury ClaimsReply to 178/2017
179/2017Employment ReferencesReply to 179/2017
188/2017Workforce ManagementReply to 188/2017
202/2017Spending on computers and LaptopsReply to 202/2017
222/2017Telephony equipmentReply to 222/2017
171/2017Unoccupied Council Housing StockReply to 171/2017
176/2017Disabled Facilities GrantReply to 176/2017
182/2017Over-vend from car parking machinesReply to 182/2017
194/2017Costs of cleaning litter and fly-tippingReply to 194/2017
198/2017Social housing waiting list figuresReply to 198/2017
199/2017Energy from waste facility plansReply to 199/2017
201/2017Cashless ParkingReply to 201/2017
211/2017Licences issued under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976Reply to 211/2017
212/2017Public Health FuneralsReply to 212/2017
217/2017Complaints in respect of Hieland House, Crow Lane, TendringReply to 217/2017
218/2017HomelessnessReply to 218/2017
228/2017Disabled Facilities GrantsReply to 228/2017


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