Travellers leave Bath House Meadow before court action bites

Tuesday, 18 April, 2017

A group of Travellers who set up on Walton’s Bath House Meadow before Easter have left the seafront site before court action was required.

Initially 11 caravans turned up last Tuesday and that rose to 16 the following day. Two left on Friday and they had all moved on by mid-afternoon yesterday.

Essex Countywide Traveller Unit (ECTU) served a Direction to Leave on the original group and was due to do the same for the second group today.

It gave them 24 hours to vacate the land on Eastern Promenade before the unit went down the route of obtaining a court order.

That would have meant making an appointment with the Colchester Magistrates Court.

The group set up in front of the town’s Columbine Centre and next to Walton on the Naze Lifestyles.

They took showers at the facility, paying for a swimming session, and were given refuse sacks to ensure that the area was kept clean and tidy.

Nigel Brown, TDC’s Communications Manager, said that there were no issues over the weekend, although the Council would have preferred not to have had to monitor the unauthorised encampment.

"It was a fairly busy weekend all round and there were plenty of visitors in Walton," he said.

"However, this land was not required for car parking and the Travellers kept the site tidy and piled all their rubbish sacks in one area so they could be easily collected and disposed of. They also got rid of some of their rubbish themselves.

"We are pleased that the Travellers have moved on before it was necessary for the ECTU to take action through the courts."

Last updated on: 18/04/2017 - 09:06