How and where to vote

How to vote

Usually there are two people at each polling station (a presiding officer and a poll clerk) however, at busy stations there may be an extra poll clerk. You will be asked for your address and to confirm your full name. When the details have been confirmed a mark is made on the electoral register to show that you have voted, and you will not be able to vote again in the same election. You will be handed a ballot paper, which lists all the candidates standing for election. You should then go to one of the polling booths and mark your ballot paper clearly with an X beside the candidate you wish to vote for. The Presiding Officer is there to help you and you may ask for their assistance in marking the ballot paper. Any discussions will remain confidential.

If you make a mistake you can ask for another ballot paper but you must not place the spoilt paper in the ballot box, instead you should hand this to the polling staff explaining that you have spoilt your vote. You will be given a replacement ballot paper.

You should then place the ballot paper into the ballot box. When the polling station closes the ballot box will be taken to the count centre and the marked ballot papers counted along with those from the other polling stations in the District. The results will be announced at the Counting Centre and publicised on the website.

Where to vote

Your Polling Station address will be printed on your Poll Card.

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