Land at the junction of Ipswich Road and Frinton Road, Holland-on-Sea

The Council holds the freehold ownership of the area comprising car park (edged mauve), public conveniences (edged green) and public open space (edged red).
The provision of a new doctors' surgery to replace the existing Frinton Road one has been under discussion for some time.

At the recent Community Leadership and Partnerships Committee meeting it was resolved that Councillor Halliday, as Finance and Asset Management Portfolio Holder, be requested to enter into discussions with the PCT to see what is viable and what options are available for the new surgery at Holland-on-Sea.

The discussion was held on 14 November 2001 and it was agreed that the Council would consider initiating the disposals process for the whole of the land in order that the PCT and partners can consider the site as one of their options for the provision of a new surgery.

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